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South Devon Railway. (2014)

Well, I've been roped into this one a bit! I was asked to set up a database for storing information about artifacts for the South Devon Railway. I didn't think the database was very user-freindly and thought it would be good to let the public see what treasures they have locked away in cupboards there, or in private collections. So I'm looking at developing an interactive exhibit for them which could be used by the this space..

BigTrak Jr Arduino. (2012)

I loved my original BigTrak toy as a kid, but my dad would never let me take it apart! I bought a BigTrak Jr as an excuse to play around with an Arduino, and also found that my old HTC Hero fits perfectly where the keypad should be! So I bought a USB Arduino, which the Hero could plug into. I haven't had enough time to progress with this because of moving house and returning from overseas :(

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Android Offline Map App

Mobile Map Application. (2009)

For a couple of months I worked on developing an offline map application in Android. You may think the market is saturated, but it wasn't back then (note the old HTC Hero!). Plus I wanted to be able to look at maps when I'm walking in countryside where there is no phone reception.

I've blurred the image to try and overcome copyright issues, but you can see I pretty much had it. During development Google released the Android NDK and another developer released MMTracker using the NDK, which was much faster than my Dalvik-based solution. Still, it was a great lesson in reverse-engineering and Android app development!

Java HDR Library, Viewer & Tonemapper (2007)

Before starting my first job I started work on an HDR image library for Java. The picture to the left shows how far the project got. It loaded Radiance format HDR images and let you experiment with different tonemappers. It also let you vary the exposure and highlighted over-exposed areas.

The program was really to sharpen my skills before going to work, but at the time it was fairly unique.

My aim was to write an 'HDR plugin' to view HDR images on webpages, allowing you to vary the exposure. It was designed so that the program works as a stand alone Java program, or an applet. There were few HDR viewers at that time, HDRShop being the main (only?) free one. Now, they are much more common.

Java HDR viewer & Tonemapper