loreo lens

Loreo Lens

I use a Loreo 3D lens in a cap to take the pictures on my Nikon D90.
For some reason the right hand image is consistently 80 pixels higher than the right.
In the original it is grey and fuzzy where the two images from the lens meet. So after converting from NEF, I apply a black mask over the image to tidy up the edges and put nice curved borders on.


I then save it as a .jps (a jpg renamed so that stereo software can identify it). The resulting image looks like this:


I then use the flash viewer from StereoPhotoMaker to display the images. Although this is a nice bit of software, I just use the flash viewer and have a Perl script which applies the mask, and then the webpage is stuck together with php. It also writes the manifest and thumbnail pictures for the StereoPhotoMaker viewer.
Generic placeholder image